HD99C Overhead
  Both of these custom build units feature the HD99C radio. Designed to work on a 24 volt system or a 12 volt system.  Auto switching.
HD99C 12/24 volt stereo
Power Source:DC12V-24V (Negative Ground)
Power consumption:5A
Rated output power:20W+20W(DC28V),5W+5W(DC12V)
Dimension:178(W)*50(H)*72(D)mm(Radio Only)
Receiving frequency range: MW(AM)522-1629kHz,FM:87.5-108MHz
Output : 5W-28W (at your requirement )
User can select Europe FM frequency or USA FM frequency through software
3.5mm audio jack connect with MP3, iPod, CD
Includes exclusive Komatsu harness as well as hardwire pigtail
  Mount overhead or sidewall or where you are limited for space.  4in speakers with metal grills.  Easy 3 wire hook-up.  Works 12 or 24 volt with auto switching.  SIZE: W10" L9" H4"    Weights approx 5 lbs
HD99C CUSTOM $285.99
HD99C OVERHEAD $295.98
HD99C RADIO 12/24v $185.99
Save with Combos
  Complete overhead system with a 12/24 volt HD99C radio.  Will operate as 12 volt or 24 volt.  Auto switching.  Flange end mounting all around.  Top is not enclosed.  Featuring 5in REI speakers. 210066 antenna included.  Dimensions: 21/34" x 2 3/4" x 9" (WxHxD) 3 wire hookup.  Wire for hookup not included.