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The JHD916BT is not your typical surface mount radio.  Loaded with features that puts it over the top and sets the standard.  In fact, it’s the most impressive radios in its class.
JHD916BT Outstanding Features
1. Bluetooth hands free calling
2. Bluetooth streaming
3. EURO Tuning if used outside US
4. SiriusXM- Ready, just add the SXV300V1
5. USB Playback of MP3 and WMA flies
6. USB charging capabilities
7. Weatherband tuner with NOOA Alert
8. Waterproof Chassis
9. Separate Bass and Treble and Balance controls
10. Output 9W X 2
11. 12/24 clock
12. Headphone output
13. 2-channel Pre-amp line level outputs
14. 2-wire power hookup with on board battery for backup
15. Auxiliary 3.5mm front input
16. Separate Bluetooth mike optional JMICHF
17. iPod ready function

With the JHD916BT you are not limited to public broadcast or even your phones content.  Add the optional SXV300V1 Satellite tuner and you have commercial free Satellite radio.  Operate from the face of the radio just as it was built-in.  Broadcast you favorite sports or listen to your subscribed playlist of stations.  It's hard to beat the amount of content available from a Satellite radio connection.  Average cost is about 5-15.00 a month..  Visit www.siriusxm.com for more info.
  Now if this is not enough content  you can also access more through a USB connection.  Connect through a rear pigtail and play your audio files just by plugging in a USB stick.    Lets not overlook a 1/8 auxiliary input as well. The port is located on the front of the radio bottom right.  Plug in your MP3 player or any playback unit that has a headphones output jack. Make the connection more accessible with the optional JENAUX interface.  This has both a USB and a 1/8 aux mounted behind a waterproof cap.  Will surface mounted up to 10ft. away from the radio.
  The JHD916BT shares a lot of similar characteristics to the JHD910. They share the same appearance.  Both have a waterproof face.  Their size is the same.  The way they mount is the same.  The actual hookups are the same for power and speakers.  You can use the same procedure to expand the number of speakers connected.  The main difference of course is the features.
  One overlooked feature shared by the whole line of surface mount radios is its ability to maintain  memory without a battery connection.  For most users this just means one less wire to connect.  To the owner of commercial equipment it means less battery replacements.  The JHD916BT has a built-in battery that is charged by the ignition connection.  The charge will hold the radios memory and clock for 30 days. The​ overlooked advantage here is that while the vehicle sets at idle, there is no drain on the battery.  On a typical battery connection the radio will slow drain down a battery. Repeating this over time will cause early battery failure.
  No wonder the JHD916BT is the most popular. It gives consumers what they desire in a full featured radio often like the one in their personal vehicle.  If your OEM radio is the JHD910 you can replace it with the JHD916BT by just plugging it in.  Mounting and connections are shared through the complete line of Jensen surface mounted radios including the JHD910BT which is nothing more than a JHD910 with the ability to Bluetooth stream only.
Let’s discuss the 3 most outstanding features of the JHD916BT. It’s all about the content!

  Bluetooth is of course not new but new to surface mount radio. Operate your radio as needed and pick up a phone call by tapping the
PHONE ICON.  Never miss an emergency call or a new customer.. Easier to hear the conversation when it is amplified by the radio’s speakers..  To aid in noise control, you will speak through the JMICHFP optional microphone..  It is typically placed about 2 feet away from you so you can converse with the caller without the annoying background noise.
  Not only can the JHD916BT work as a hands free device,  you can stream your phones content wireless to the radio.  Listen to your own content with stored content or broadcast with a live connection from your phone.  Of course live stream will use data up unless you have unlimited data on your phones plan.  The less expensive way is to download your content at home using a good WiFi connection at home and stream back when needed.
A final note here would be that in order for the Bluetooth to work you will need to plug the JMICHFP into the mike connector.  Failure to do so will skip all Bluetooth functions.
JHD 916BT $289.00
Probably the most asked question for the JHD916BT has to be (HOW DO YOU SET THE CLOCK).
To set the clock to display the current time, turn the vehicle ignition on and turn the radio on.
Enter the system menu and adjust the clock by selecting the “Set Clock” menu item.
* Press the INFO/ENTER button to view the clock set screen.
* Press the▲ or ▼ buttons to adjust the selected digit.
Press the ◄◄ or ►► buttons to move to the next digit. When no adjustment is made
for five seconds, the time will become set and normal operation will resume.